Scambio Comenius



In our society a proper education has to take into account the many factors that influence the world.

Our Institute offers an "European approach" to education, that is, our students have been culturally prepared to deal with the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural reality of our days.

Our Institute considers vital the connection family-school-student. For that reason, our teachers are very willing to discuss, at any moment, the problems that may arise during the school-years, either with the parents or the students in order to find the best solution to them.

In addition to a particular attention to the human values, our Institute guarantees a qualified and up-to-date teaching through a well-prepaired and long-time service staff.

Founded in 1947 as a private school, we have been working successfully to get the acknowledgement of 'parità' by the Education Ministry.

We offer a wide range of courses: Elementary Bi-lingual School (Italian-English), Scuola Media with the studying of two foreign languages, a Secondary School specialized in scientific studies (liceo scientifico), in foreign languages (liceo linguistico), in law and economy (liceo giuridico) and finally in psychology and sociology (liceo socio-pedagogico).





Since 1973, the liceo linguistico has introduced many changes in order to offer a more flexible, modern and efficient syllabus. The main ones are the following:

 great care in teaching a correct method of studying;           

 adequate preparation for the final state exam by training the students

in advance with simulations of the written papers and oral test;
 the studying of three foreign languages;

 the studying of one subject such as History or Art in English;

 improving of the multimedia, computer and linguistic laboratories.